Exclusive Level Desk System

​Sewing Desk and Armoire

The sewing armoire has been designed with the sewing and quilting enthusiast in mind. The deeper base 
of the cabinet allows you to store 3’ x 4’ mats flat and a large drawer to hold threads. There is plenty of 
space for machines, thread storage, fabric storage, and more.   As with all our furniture, it is customized 
to fit your needs and the way you work.  If you are very tall or very short, your requirements will very.   
The Sewing armoire comes in both the classic or grand height.  

Hobby Hideaway

Side Cabinets

Side Cabinets are available for the Classic and Grand Models.  They are finished to match your armoire and offer additional storage and display space.  They are available with our without doors and many combinations of drawers and shelves.  Attached permanently to the armoire, they truly make a statement or they can be made as free standing for ease of placement.  They are available in a standard width of 18" and custom widths on request.

The Grand

This is the grand daddy of them all, at 90 inches high it stands proud under high ceilings yet fits under 8 foot ceilings with room to spare.  This armoire has all the features of our Classic design with more than 8 cubic feet additional storage space, (that's more than 8 basketballs).  Matching side cabinets for the Grand complement this armoire and add even more storage and display possibilities.  This is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be built to your specific needs.

Remember - We Build It..... You make it yours.

Classic Armoire


Our Classic Armoire is a quality piece of furniture that offers a unique solution to the challenge of storage and organization.   Our Patented Level Desk System allows the user to open it to a large 3' x 4' work surface.  Upon closing, the desk remains level and unfinished paperwork and projects remain in their place.  Upon opening, everything is in its place and no reorganizing is necessary.  This armoire is designed to be totally functional in it's base form yet capable of custom configurations beyond belief.  We enjoy the challenge of solving problems with special designs for individual needs, so everyone wins.  Customers give us the best ideas.

Mini Workstation

This is a compact workstation (on casters) that's loaded with features like built in OTT lighting, adjustable shelving and our Patented Level Desk System.  It is a scaled down white melamine version of our larger Classic and Grand models measuring just 3 feet wide and 5 feet high.  It is also available in high grade woods, stained or painted in the color of your choice.  As with all our models, the workstation is available with custom slide out shelving, drawers, and accessories configured to meet your specific needs.  It's smaller foot print allows it to fit where larger pieces won't.  It can roll from room to room or simply be re-positioned when desired.  The lower height allows convenient use of the top for display. 

We manufacture scrapbook furniture with the patented exclusive Level Desk System ™ that provides the user an extremely strong 4’ x 3’ flat laminated work surface. Originally designed as a scrapbook armoire for scrapbooking, it can also be configured as a sewing cabinet, universal hobby furniture and home office desk that allows unfinished projects to remain as-is when folding the desk away. Behind the scene, a precise mechanism allows it to fold into itself keeping the interlocking work surfaces level at all times. Around it all, a high quality custom-made scrapbook cabinet built to your specifications provides serious organization and storage benefits. Open the doors on this beauty and it's all business - close them and you're ready for guests.

Why Hobby Hideaway?

Wondering why, after 10 years, Hobby Hideaway has become the premier Hobby Armoire ?  We know people expect quality in a piece of furniture and we build it into every piece we make.  We use solid hardwoods and top grade veneered plywoods almost exclusively throughout the construction of our cabinets.

You probably know, that thanks to "modern products" such as particleboard (compressed wood chips) of MDF (made of compressed fiber from various sources) once wrapped with a thin sheet of plastic, they replicate exotic wood grains and designer colors we all like.  Although commonly used in production cabinets and less expensive kit form furniture, we limit its use wherever practical.  So always check to see what's inside - you'll find real wood in a Hobby Hideaway.  And remember, the lasting beauty and natural quality of real wood is your future reward when the cost is forgotten.

And about our desk - You won't find another like it.

The patented mechanism of our Level Desk System allows its full extension capable of holding over 150 pounds without any supporting obstructions.  The Formica  top is the perfect surface for almost any activity.  Being able to put away half finished projects without disturbing them makes Hobby Hideaway one practical piece of furniture.

We Build it all in the USA

You are buying quality, fully assembled furniture designed to your custom requirements and proudly made in the USA.  No kits, no assembly required,  Just long lasting quality throughout.



Custom Construction