Exclusive Level Desk System

​Sewing  Armoire 

The sewing armoire has been designed with the sewing and quilting enthusiast in mind. The deeper base 
of the cabinet allows you to store 3’ x 4’ mats flat and a large drawer to hold threads. There is plenty of 
space for machines, thread storage, fabric storage, and more.   As with all our furniture, it is customized 
to fit your needs and the way you work.  If you are very tall or very short, your requirements will vary.   
The Sewing armoire comes in both the classic or grand height.  

Cutting Armoire

Open the doors of this armoire and discover a unique cutting table.  By increasing the height of the

armoire base, our exclusive level desk system gives you a perfect work surface and height for cutting.  

It is ergonomically designed to alleviate undue stress on the back, shoulders, and hips.  Your cutting

table height may be anywhere from 33” to 36” depending on your needs.  Storage for your notions,

threads, fabrics and machines is no longer a dilemma.  There is a place for everything.  We have even

provided a large shelf for your 2’ x 3’ cutting mat to lay flat and maintain its integrity.  The placement

of the interior lighting helps eliminate any shadows while working.  

Sewing Armoire

Decreasing the height of the armoire base, we create the perfect height for sewing.  The sturdy desk

top will hold 150 pounds and is strong enough to support the heaviest of machines giving you little or

no vibration. Therefore, your machine will not “bounce” as you sew.  The Hobby Hideaway armoire

helps you control the clutter, by customizing it to fit your exact needs.  You will have a place for

machines, cutting mats, fabric, notions, and more.  Every tool will be at your fingertips.  

Storage Solutions

​Thread storage can often be a problem, which is why the armoire has two large drawers.  Use one

for storing threads and the other for your various quilting rulers and smaller mats.  A deeper drawer

may be added to accommodate the large cone thread for your serger or overlock machines

Cutting mat storage is an open shelf, deep enough to store a large cutting mat (24” x 36”) flat.

The slatrail system with its bins, hooks, and boxes keep all your tools accessible but off the work desk.  Mounted on either the rear of the cabinet or on the doors, it adds valuable space keeping your tools

close at hand. 

The magnet board is a perfect place to hang the pattern, photo, or sketch, you are working on.      

 Custom drawer and shelving arrangements are always available in our furniture.

Build your own sewing or cutting table on a budget
No matter what your space limitations, our small drawer chests are great for storing thread or notions. 

They can also be used for a sewing or cutting table base.  Have a ¾” thick table top cut to the length and

width you need and span two chests.  Standard drawers will be 2” or 4” deep.   This is a great option for

anyone who wants to do it themselves.  You may want a pull out shelf for extra work surface, or different

size drawers.  We will build it to fit your space